Learning Outside of the Classroom

At New Perspectives School, we believe that all young people should have the opportunity to experience learning in a variety of ways and we constantly look for opportunities to visit engaging and interesting places to visit.

On December 12th we went to the outdoor ice rink in Centenary Square.

Some of us were quite good, but others used the penguins to help us stay upright on the ice.

In January, we took unwanted items and donated them to a local charity shop. It has been interesting seeing them in the window and noticing when they were sold. This gave us an opportunity to give a little something back to the local community.

In February we visited the Birmingham Nature and Conservation Centre.

We saw lots of different animals such as a red panda, owls, lynx, porcupine, emu’s, wallaby’s, otters, reptiles and many more. We learnt that these animals are all at risk one way or another and the importance of preserving them.

On February 5th we went to visit Steelhouse Lane Police Museum.

We were able to look at the history of policing, the equipment used by the police force and how it has changed over time, able to dress up in Police uniforms, saw a cell with a wooden pillow, learnt about corporal punishment, fingerprinting, the ‘real’ Peaky Blinders and finally we were locked in a cell!

On March 20th we visited Cadbury World in Bournville.

We learnt all about the history of and process of making chocolate. We went to the 4D cinema, took a ride on the train, saw a chocolate Birmingham Bull and had the opportunity to try lots of different things. The liquid chocolate was delicious!

On March 22nd we went indoor rock climbing.

It was a lot harder than it looked, but we all managed to get to the summit!

On April 8th, we were invited to visit the Marwa Community Centre where they were celebrating Eid, and we purchased hot chocolate and desserts. The Mosque delivered a chocolate fudge cake to us which we thoroughly enjoyed.

On April 12th we went to an Asian sweet shop.

Eid was earlier on this week and we learnt about Eid from our staff and went and purchased samosas, dips and Asian sweets. The food was delicious although Some of the samosas were a bit spicy!

We are planning many more visits including The Back to Back Houses, Blists Hill and Enginuity, religious venues, National Trust properties, RAF Cosford, Warwick Castle and the Space Centre.