The art and design lessons enable pupils to observe and engage with the world around them in new and creative ways. We deliver a range of skills and techniques in making art, craft and design in order to build confidence to create art in new ways that suit individual needs and intentions. Pupils learn about history of art across time, place and cultures to enable them to become thinking, knowledgeable artists. They will be given opportunities to facilitate imaginative responses to stimulating, challenging tasks and use it to make appropriate, sensitive, meaningful art. New Perspectives curriculum reflects inclusivity, fairness & equal access for all, and is relevant to real-life situations, vocational practice & contemporary issues


This course is hugely inspiring for students of all cooking abilities. For some students, it may be the start of a career in cooking; for others, it will help them to learn the basic skills and recipes that will stand them in good stead throughout their lives.

The aim of this qualification is to give students the basic life skills and knowledge to be able to cook for themselves in a healthy and cost-effective way, and have the confidence to share these skills

with friends and family. Being able to cook is an essential skill, which enables students to make changes that have benefits to their health and wellbeing for the rest of their lives.

Students will gain an understanding of how to budget when planning meals to cook at home.

The course will encourage students to transfer skills learnt to other recipes to continue cooking for

themselves and their families and to inspire others by passing on their knowledge.


In English we have high standards and expectations for all pupils. Our intent is to maximise pupils’ enjoyment and engagement in their learning whilst providing them with the tools needed to make exceptional progress in this subject. We aim to develop knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic readers and writers that are inquisitive, full of confidence and overflowing with creativity. We aspire to instil a love and passion for reading amongst all our pupils, introducing them to a wide range of authors and prioritising reading for pleasure across the school, during E.R.I.C.

After investigating a text, pupils have opportunities to develop their reading comprehension skills and glean effective techniques for their own writing. Teacher demonstration follows – a process that the class are very much involved with – and then supported to create their independent writing.

Our curriculum content is designed to develop pupils into empathic, creative, and enquiring young people and to help them acquire the knowledge and skills to equip them for success.

The aim of the English Department is to prepare all pupils to sit GCSE English when they are in year 11 and where appropriate to sit for GCSE English Literature. Additionally we will also give pupils the chance to sit Functional Skills English, which provides pupils with skills and knowledge for their future development.


The mathematics curriculum at New Perspectives School is tailored to the needs of students across the different key stages.

Key stage 1 and 2 have a broad and balanced maths curriculum which gives students to opportunity to develop their number skills and apply them to other areas including, fractions, decimals, percentages, ratio, area, perimeter, volume and statistical work. The curriculum is broken down into topics and the topics broken down further into sequenced lessons. Opportunities for assessment are embedded within each topic, along with end of topic assessments and baseline assessments.

At Key stage 3, Students follow the Pearson Edexcel scheme of work. This follows the national curriculum and gives students the chance to build on the skills gained in key stage 2, whilst also filling in any gaps in learning. Students will learn about topics from Number, Algebra, Statistics & Probability, Geometry and Ratio & Proportion.

At Key stage 4, Students will continue to build on the skills gained at key stage 3. Students will work towards GCSE maths as well as functional skills maths (at the appropriate level). We will be following the Pearson Edexcel course. Students in Key stage 5 will have the opportunity to remain and work towards the GCSE and/ functional skills in order to catch up with time lost in education or improve on qualifications gained in key stage 4


The aim of the Science department is to develop students’ knowledge and understanding of the world around them through an investigative and a relevant curriculum that   fosters an awareness an appreciation of science to improve students’ life chances.

We provide a curriculum that is stimulating and relevant, reflecting the changing nature of science and extending the students’ horizon through opportunities outside the classroom.

To develop students’ ability to analyse problems and research and evaluate information and critical through investigative work.